The Finest Kind….

I’m still a little swamped.  I haev a few cards incoming, but who knows if I will have time to do any scanning or anything like that.  Luckily, sometimes things get done for me.  I had an email from a good friend who busts cases of a lot of stuff.  He pulled this little buddy for my collection.

Its the Blue Rerfractor /399, and if I do say so myself – its beautiful!

Also, if you happen to stumble across this, Josh – a few hits would really help my fantasy team.  And the Rangers.


6 Responses to The Finest Kind….

  1. Brian says:

    Hmm… I was under the impression that this was released on the 22nd.
    And people have already busted cases and shipped cards.

    Nice card though… shiny!

  2. Officially, yes. But a lot of it depends on how close you happen to live to the distributors – everything ships at the same time, so some people get it early.

    Not incredibly early though. He hasn’t shipped anything yet, just shot me a scan.

  3. topherkris1 says:

    There you go! Hamilton just hit a dinger!

    Hamilton signed a whooole lot of Autographs today. I also took about 8 trillion photos! I figured i’d scoot by here and post quick fast.

    Hamilton, Josh Hamilton!

  4. topherkris1 says:

    I snapped a kazillion photos, and some are less than flattering. I just couldn’t believe the courtesy — it blew my mind.

    It was odd because he looked beat, like dead tired, or at least not in the mood for signing autographs but he just kept signing despite perspiring more than any athlete I’ve ever seen.

    Maybe I’ll start collecting Hamilton. Of the Upper Deck Packs I purchased earlier this year, I nabbed a Hamilton Tri-Jersey which puts me at 4 Hamilton cards.

  5. Ack! I hardly need more competition on the Hamilton card front!

    That’s awesome that he was signing up a storm.

  6. If a card can be called stunning, then that card is stunning.

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