2007 Topps Turkey Red Chrome

Today’s additions to the Hamilton Collection (I think I am going to start capitalizing it from now on – make it seem like something at a pretentious art gallery) came via trade on Beckett.  I didn’t scan them, but this deal also included a 1999 Topps Traded Rookie Card and a 2007 Topps RC Logo card.  Those were just some extra gravy to even things up, though.  The meat and potatoes of the deal were two cards from 2007 Topps Turkey Red – the Chrome Version (/1999, pictured in a typically terrible Chrome scan at the left) and the Chrome Refractor (/999, pictured below at the right, in a much nicer Refractor scan).

My scanner hates Chrome cards, but loves Refractors.  I see some scans of Chromes, and they look just as awesome as they do in person.  Then there is my scanner, which jujst makes everything black.  Maybe it is depressed.  I should check into that.  Can a scanner get depressed?

2007 Turkey Red was the last incarnation of the set, before it went on hiatus.  I have no idea if it is a permanent break, or if Topps will reincarnate the set sometime in the future.  Turkey Red was used for some inserts in 2008 Topps Series 1, so they haven’t completely forgot about it.

I’m not keeping an accurate running tally of Hamilton cards that I need anymore, but my checklist on Beckett quickly counts up what I have whenever I update it.  These two cards bring me up to 219.  I am hoping to hit 350 by the end of the season.  Its a bit of an ambitious goal, but I am hoping to pick up some bulk low end cards I need to get me closer.

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