2009 Topps Heritage Mayo Insert

I’ve loved these cards as soon as I first saw them on eBay, and no one knew exactly where they came from.  Turns out they are a retail (Target & Wal-Mart) insert in packs of Topps Heritage.  I must say, this is one of the cooler retail specific inserts I’ve stumbled across.  Mayo looked great as a set, but I don’t do much in the way of football cards, so it looked like I might miss out on these cards completely.  Then, as so often happens with card companies – Topps continued to milk a good thing.  Hopefully they stop before its completely dead.

This card found its way to me via Greg over at Lake Effect Baseball Cards.  He shot me a note saying that he had pulled this card, and also had a stash of A&G minis for my sets (no scans of those, everyone knows what they look like).  We worked out a quick deal, I had no Alex Gordons, but I had several cards for his sets.  If I ever end up with any Alex Gordons, I think I know where they are going.

Thanks Greg, for the help.  Good luck to anyone else who is trying to track down a Mayo insert for their player collections – they are well worth the effort.


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