2008 Upper Deck Sweet Spot

2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot was a killer when it came to Josh Hamilton cards.  He had a ‘base’ RC autograph card, about 10 different baseball skin variations, 5 different bat variations, 3 different glove variations, and just for good measure – a few dual autographs with Astros outfielder Hunter Pence.  The thrashing that was 2007 had me quaking in anticipation of 2008 Sweet Spot.  And then – Upper Deck went easy on me.  Hamilton had only three cards in 2008 Sweet Spot.  Of course, until today, I owned exactly 0f them, but it wasn’t as big a climb as it looked like it might be.  He had a base card, and two different autographs, both numbered /250.  One was a standard baseball skin autograph, and the other is a really sharp looking silver autograph on black glove leather.

Today’s mail post brought the easiest of the three – the base card.  Not to be minimized in any way though.  These base cards are very well done.  Full bleed photography with an awesome textured baseball stitch design along the edges.  It nicely situates the player right on the ‘sweet spot’ of the card.

I snagged this card for a good price when I was picking up a few other singles from a seller on the Beckett Marketplace.


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