2009 Upper Deck Spectrum

Two Josh Hamilton cards today from a set that I had no inclination of breaking.  Spectrum is one of those sets that I just can’t get behind.  The base cards look cool – lots of foil board, which calls to mind McDonalds Hockey sets of past years.  Yeah, I somehow don’t think that is what the designers were looking for.

I have been incredibly busy the past few days, so posts have been a bit sporadic.  I have a small stack of cards from blogger trades / generosity that I need to get posted up here – but scanning has just not made the schedule yet.

I’m not sure what exactly Hamilton has for cards in Spectrum.  I’ve seen a base card (courtesy of Marie over at A Cardboard Problem), some parallels (I picked up the red /250 off the Beckett Marketplace for about $1.00 with some other Hamiltons).  I’ve seen a jersey card with a few parallels as well, and I have also seem some pretty amazing looking multicoloured patch cards that are serial numbered /25.  Of course, all of the Hamilton GU cards in Spectrum feature Hamilton in his Reds duds.

Don’t mistake that ‘of course’ for approval on my part.  I’m more than a little annoyed at seeing all the Reds cards.  I understand that UD has to picture the player with the same team that the memorabilia is from.  I really do.  However – UD obviously has Rangers GU memorabilia.  They used it in last year’s Ultimate, they used it in 2009 Series 1 as well.  Why can’t they just keep on using the Rangers swatches and save the Reds jerseys for a flashback product, or maybe a ‘Then and Now’ type design?

Hopefully this post will get me over the hump a little bit, and I can showcase some more of the awesome cards I have picked up from my fellow bloggers.  Thanks Marie for the Spectrum base card (way to take one for the team and pick up a Spectrum set), and thanks to everyone else who has helped with my collection.  I really appreciate the help.

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