2008-09 Upper Deck Champ’s Box Break – the Hits!

Obviously, the big hits in this product are the fossils, but I didn’t end up with those.  For Champ’s, the fossils and artifacts are case hits, so they aren’t as rare as in products like Allen & Ginter.  For more average breaks – you should get 2 autographs and one memorabilia card per box.  I hit those odds exactly.

In my box, I hit a Robbie Earl autograph, and a redemption for a Dany Heatley autograph.  I also opened four loose packs, and pulled a Steve Mason autograph.  Obviously, the Mason was the best pull – it sells for $50-ish pretty consistently on eBay, and I hope to use it as trade bait to pull in some nice pieces for my sets.  I am working on the base set, the jersey set, and the entire 480 card mini set.

There are some huge names in the autograph checklist – Tiger Woods is the biggest.  Les Stroud (Survivorman) is also in there.  Any of the non-hockey names are SP’d on the checklist.  That was one of the reasons I steered clear of doing the autograph set.  All of the autographs are hard signed though – albeit a bit cramped onto the mini cards.

UD decided against framing the mini relics and autographs, which Topps had done with Allen & Ginter as well as Topps C55 Hockey.   It makes storage a bit tricky (although toploaders and pages are available in these sizes), but I think it makes them a bit more appealing.  It makes them actually seem like ‘mini autographs’.  I’ve never really thought of Topps minis as ‘true minis’ because they are really standard sized.  Maybe its just me.

The jerseys are very similar, and in a nice change – they are slightly harder to come by than the autographs.  There is a basic set of jerseys featuring mostly current and recently retired NHLers, inserted approximately 1:box and then there are Legends memorabilia cards inserted at a rate of 1:case.   My jersey hit was Vesa Toskala.  One nice change is that UD now notes on the back of the card that the jersey piece was worn in a “Sharks game” rather than just an ‘official NHL game’.

Overall score for hits in the product:  9/10. There are some bad names in the sets, as there always are, but there are a lot of NHL stars and superstars as well.  The really big hits (SP autos and fossils) have long odds, but they add something special if you do happen to hit one.  I didn’t hit anything spectacular, but sometimes its nice just to get what you are supposed to.

One Response to 2008-09 Upper Deck Champ’s Box Break – the Hits!

  1. Shane says:

    Great review, I picked up a couple packs of this stuff and can’t decide if I want to bite on a hobby box. If you end up with any doubles and want to trade let me know!

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