Check out my Hamilton

My purchase arrived today from, so in addition to showing off my cards, I figured I would do a bit of a review on the service.

First off, the card.  2008 Bowman Sterling Jersey.  I realize this looks suspiciously like a 2009 Topps Black Wal-Mart variation, but that’s just my scanner.  Its not a huge fan of Chrome.

This was one of three cards I ordered.  I also picked up a Mel Gibson Shirt card for my 2008 UD Piece of Hollywood set, and a Brad Richards parallel /100 from 2005-06 Parkhurst Hockey.  Both of those two cards were for sets I am working on.  So, here’s my review of the service, with each aspect graded /10.

Accuracy – 10/10: I got the cards I expected.  The set up of Checkoutmycards is designed to ensure accuracy.  They scan and identify the cards as part of their service.  This is one of my biggest gripes with some online orders or trades – especially when you are only looking for a specific parallel, and someone misidentifies it.

Price – 8/10: I was happy with the prices I paid for the cards I bought.  I realize that prices are set by individual sellers, so when looking keep in mind that some sellers are reasonable, and as with any venue – some are delusional.

Shipping & Handling – 7/10: My one quibble with the service.  Shipping costs were $3.00  + $0.25 per additional card.  For these prices, I would expect each card to come with a toploader.  The Hamilton was in a toploader, and the Richards was in a toploader.  The Gibson was in a penny sleeve sandwiched between the two.  I consider this a perfectly acceptable shipping method for trades, or bulk low end purchases.  In general, one or two cards don’t add anything to the shipping costs – so, they should pony up for a new toploader.  Why?  This is why.  The watermarked scan is the COMC  scan from the site.  The second image is the scan I made this evening.  Check out the additional chipping on the edges.

This could have been easily avoided with an extra top loader.  Thick cards are prone to chipping, so I think a better choice would have been to have this card in a toploader, and the Richards parallel penny sleeved in the middle.  The Richards also was the cheapest card in the order.  This isn’t enough damage for me to want to send the card back, or go through all that hassle – just a note that some issues might arise from this shipping practice.

So, all that – and still a ‘7’ for shipping and handling?  Yes.  Thick cards suck condition wise.  The chipping and peeling here could easily have happened when the card was penny sleeved prior to shipping.  I’m not going to be overly critical when I’ve done the same thing numerous times myself.

Bottom Line: I would definitely order from the site again.  I might be more hesistant to order multiple cards (saving on shipping isn’t always worth it), but the edge damage isn’t a deal breaker for me.  Sadly, I’ve almost come to expect it from the thicker cards.  I check it out every few days, but right now a lot of the Hamiltons are overpriced.  Kind of like a lot of other venues.


One Response to Check out my Hamilton

  1. gobigpelf34 says:

    Yea, Ive used them before. Good service, but like anywhere else, shipping kills you!

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