The Aftermath of a Josh Hamilton Homer

This is the aftermath of a Josh Hamilton Spring Training home run.

Clicking on that should bring you to a larger version, where you can see all the details I am now going to make fun of.  For starters:  99 % of the population should always wear a shirt.  There are two examples in this photo of people who think they are in that 1 %, but aren’t.  Also, the fact that there are an equal number of adults chasing the ball as kids is a little disconcerting.  I really hope one of those kids ended up with the ball when the dust settled, but I have my doubts.  Something tells me the guy who makes sure to cram his pretzel in his mouth before going after a home run ball in spring training isn’t the sharing type.

But, hey – at least he’s wearing a shirt.


8 Responses to The Aftermath of a Josh Hamilton Homer

  1. PunkRockPaint says:

    Can you get the MLB Network in Canada? If so, have you seen the previews of the show about Josh’s struggles, recovery, and redemption. It is on Friday night. It looks great!

  2. Marie says:

    LOL, doesn’t it make you wonder when a guy is going that crazy for a spring training homerun that will be nothing but a story while he is having a beer, yet would mean the world to little kids for years? I also think that lady in the picture might not be wearing a bra.

  3. I count at least four people in that picture who coud benefit from some added support.

  4. Steve says:

    You mean you are not into man-boobs and tattoos? By the way, if anyone is going to the National and wants to talk cards, I’ll be the shirtless guy with the nipple rings, bright purple mohawk and a large tattoo on my back consisting of a US postage stamp with the words “Born to TTM” under it.

  5. Steve says:

    Come on, now. I do have some standards. Just because I would show up at the National shirtless with nipple rings, a bright purple mohawk and an awesome tattoo on my back does not mean I would go around stealing souvenirs from children…..I am not that kind of person.

  6. Equally unsettling is when you see adults crowding a player for autographs. People under 12 should always get first crack.

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