One more thing to quit…

Josh Hamilton has given up chew.  Excellent decision in my books (because I’m sure some anonymous blogger’s opinion is the tipping point for these decisions).  Chew is every bit as disgusting as smoking.  Its actually moving up my personal disgusting list, because in Saskatchewan you cannot smoke indoors except in a private home.  You can still chew in bars or pubs.  I’d like to see them get rid of that as well, but the public health implications really aren’t the same.

Fellow Ranger Marlon Byrd pledged to quit along with Hamilton, which led to an amusing incident at the Rangers Spring Training complex this year:

“When Hamilton saw Byrd with a thick pinch between his cheek and gum Friday morning, he sprinted across the clubhouse and grabbed his teammate by the arm. Once Byrd jerked his arm free, he walked over to Kason Gabbard’s locker, pulled out a tin and handed it Hamilton. Byrd was using an herbal dip that contains no nicotine.”

Whatever works, guys.  Although, it doesn’t really help with the ‘ewwww’ factor.  Cutting down on the whole risk of cancer thing is good too.


3 Responses to One more thing to quit…

  1. Sooz says:

    I saw these high school kids doing chew about two weeks ago and was immediately disgusted. These kids are 16 or 17 and because they saw other people doing it, obviously think it’s cool.

  2. I have no idea how anyone can think streaming brown liquid out of their mouth every couple of minutes is ‘cool’. I will admit, some actors can make cigarettes looks cool, but I’ve never seen anyone who can make chew look cool. The coolest thing about it is carrying a can around in your back pocket. As soon as you take it out – not cool.

  3. lonestarr says:

    Beef Jerky Chew FTW~! I was eating some jerky chew when I was passing a tobacco place and some guy asked if I liked that stuff and I was just like “Yeah” and offered him some. He appeared to be mildly disgusted and went on his way. A couple blocks later I realized where I was at when it happened and I LOL’d.

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