Six Degrees of Mantle

Today’s mail brought a few odds and ends for my Hamilton collection via trade on  I can’t say that Beckett’s trade tools are user friendly to start with, but once you are set up, they take all the legwork out of trading.  Its awesome for lazy / busy people like myself.

I’m not scanning everything from this package (how many times can I scan Documentary cards before I go crazy?), but 2009 Topps deserves a mention.  My biggest complaint last year?  Terrible photography.  My biggest kudo this year?  Awesome photography.  Exhibit A.

Six degrees of Mantle is Topps’ spin on the ever popular Six Degrees of Separation thingie.  For those interested, my Bacon # is 2.  I worked with a guy who sat next to Kevin Bacon on a plane.  I had actually forgotten this useless piece of trivia until I saw the back of the 09 Topps cards.

Josh Hamilton’s Six Degrees of Mantle is as follows:  Hamilton played with Sidney Ponson, who played with Harold Baines, who played with Tom Seaver, who played with Bill Short, who played with Mickey Mantle.  Wow.  Is Topps doing all of these to be 6 players, or is this really as close as Hamilton gets to Mantle?  Can anyone shorten the path between Hamilton and Mantle?


One Response to Six Degrees of Mantle

  1. Peter Duckett says:

    Mickey Mantle played with Bill Robinson, Bill Robinson played with Julio Franco, Julio Franco played with Kevin Millwood, and Kevin Millwood played with Josh Hamilton.

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