2001 eTopps

eTopps was a cool idea.  I actually think it is still around, but I no longer really think it is a cool idea.  I am not a huge fan of cards that I don’t get to hold in my hands (what’s the point of having something, if you don’t actually HAVE it?).   Topps only shipped UPS (UPS shipping across a border – headache), and it wasn’t cheap.  Thus, I didn’t really get into the concept at anything but a superficial level.

That changed today when I picked up a 2001 Josh Hamilton eTopps card in a trade.  I still have no pressing desire to get into eTopps cards, but I actually HAVE one in hand now.  The verdict:  very shiny, even though my scanner doesn’t really do the cards justice.  I will have to keep my eyes open for the 07 version with the Reds, and just maybe one of the limited autographed versions as well.


One Response to 2001 eTopps

  1. Tribecards says:

    eTopps are very much still around! I was late into the eTopps game because I didn’t realize you were actually buying real cards until the 2002 series. Your best bet by far is to buy them on eBay and not at the offered eTopps (IPO) price, as nearly every card goes down in value…

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