Hamilton Goose Joaks

I’m not sure if ‘Goose Joak’ is a term that can be made plural, but I went there.  A little while ago, I emailed Dave over at Goose Joak, ofering to help out with his custom set.  I’m not going to show off all the cards I sent him towards his set, but I am going to offer up this one that I made with a photo that I showed off here earlier this week.  I estimate that Hamilton will have approximately 643 cards in this set by the time I am finished.  I sent Dave a few other Rangers that I found when I was looking for Hamilton pictures as well.

Dave’s set is generating a little bit of a buzz on the internet.  Sports Card File had a post about it, and there was a thread on the Sports Collectors.net message boards as well.

2 Responses to Hamilton Goose Joaks

  1. Rod says:

    I just finished reading Josh Hamiltons book and now am a big fan of his. I reviewed the book on readerman.net and Padrographs.blogspot.com. I now understand why you would devote a blog to him.

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