Boldly Going Where We’ve Gone A Couple Times Before….

I have a mild obsession with 2000 Topps Tek.  You might have noticed.  Or here. The set’s only 9 years old, there’s still lots of time for me to pick away at the remaning cards I need from it.  I think I need 4 more Color Parallels, and 19 more Golds.  That’s not discouraging at all.  Lots of people are busting 2000 Topps Tek, right?   Right?

Well, the quest went down by one more card today.  I picked up another Color Variation today.  This one features yellow floating text that says “hamilton” (Grrrrr, I dislike improper capitalization).  I am a bit torn as to which of these are my favorite.  I prefer the blue text to the yellow, but an improperly capitalized last name is still cooler than the brand name.

And yes, as the title may indicate.  I am a bit of a Star Trek fan.  This is card #201 for the Hamilton collection, for those of you keeping track at home.



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