Is Michael Cuddyer a Topps Secret Agent?

The question needs to be asked.  Is Twins outfielder Michael Cuddyer secretly working for Topps?  Let me explain.  Check out a scan of Cuddyer’s 2009 Upper Deck Series 1 card.

Great shot of Cuddyer interacting with his fans.  Signing some autographs.  What is it that he’s signing though?

That looks suspiciously like the back of a Topps card.  A 2004 Topps card to be specific.  Kind of like this one.

These are the types of things you notice when you take the time to actually look through all of your cards, rather than just throwing them in a box.  I was looking for singles to scan for my pack breaks (stay tuned!) and saw an autograph signing shot.  Then I noticed the suspicious looking back of the card.  Kind of a neat coincidence, if you ask me.  Does anyone know of any other cards that feature another manufacturer’s product?


4 Responses to Is Michael Cuddyer a Topps Secret Agent?

  1. handcollated says:

    I noticed the same thing and was going to have a similar post.

    *Crumples up blog post*

  2. gobigpelf34 says:

    Ha! thats funny! if I see any cards like this I will probibly put up a post on my blog

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