2009 Topps Baseball Five Pack Break

Here’s the guts from a 5 pack break of 2009 Topps Baseball.  Let me know if you need anything here.  I am mainly looking for Josh Hamilton cards (surprising, I know) or cards for the sets I am working on.

Pack One
Base Cards

60 – Mariano Rivera

86 – Kila Ka’Aihue
89 – John Lester & Jason Bay Post Season Highlights
106 – Marlon Byrd
146 – Glen Perkins
280 – Joe Saunders
302 – Brian Giles
307 – AJ Burnett, Ervin Santana & Roy Halladay League Leaders in Strike Outs
Chipper Jones ToppsTown
Geovany Soto Turkey Red

Pack Two
Base Cards

29 – Jerry Hairston (Damaged)
33 – Jose Guillen – Guillen really wanted this guy to get down.

36 – Kevin Slowey
88 – Fredi Gonzalez
169 – Juan Miranda
173 – Manny Delcarmen
222 – Mark Sweeney
225 – Aaron Cook
Insert Cards
Hanley Ramirez ToppsTown
Pedro Martinez Ring of Honor

Pack Three
Base Cards

73 – Shane Victorino
78 – Tim Lincecum Cy Young Winner
180 – Cliff Lee
215 – Ian Kinsler (awesome picture – Topps improved by leaps and bounds in the photography department)

296 – Reid Brignac
306 – Chris Duncan
Insert Cards
Tim Lincecum ToppsTown
Jermaine Dye Career Best Jersey Card (I pull Dye with disturbing regularly – they have always been pinstriped)

Pack Four
Base Cards
27 – Jonathon Niese (the only two people I have ever heard of who spell ‘Jonathon’ with an ‘o’ are both athletes.  Jonathon Blum plays for the WHL’s Vancouver Giants).
85 – Justin Verlander
92 – Luis Castillo
102 – Garrett Atkins
129 – Angel Berroa – its so rare to geta  good fielding action shot for an infielder

154 – AJ Pierzynski
165 – Matt Kemp (Damaged)
274 – Alex Henshaw
Insert Cards
Turkey Red Aubrey Huff
ToppsTown Dice-K

Pack Five
Base Cards

62 – Brian Barton
95 – Andrew Miller
174 – James Shields
179 – Rafael Furcal
204 – Andy Sonnanstine (This pack was Rays heavy)

252 – Brandon Wood
298 – Jonathan Van Every
318 – Manny Acta
326 – Manny Ramirez Post Season Highlights
Insert Cards
ToppsTown Josh Hamilton – Yep!  This is the 200th different card in my Josh Hamilton collection, and I pulled it myself!  Sure, its only a one per pack insert, but it still counts.  Nothing better than pulling your own guy from a pack of cards.

As for my overall thoughts on the product, if you are still with me.  A vast improvement over last year’s base Topps.  The basic card design is a huge improvement, and the photography is almost on par with Upper Deck.  I don’t think Topps has even been even close to UD in term’s of photography for their base designs in quite some time, if ever.  2009 Topps is what it is.  A low end product, with not many surprises, either positive or negative.


3 Responses to 2009 Topps Baseball Five Pack Break

  1. Marie says:

    So I will assume you need the Hamilton base cards? I can send those along Tuesday since the Post Office is closed here Monday. E-Mail me and let me know.

    Nice pull on the jersey card, even if you don’t like him. Trade bait for something you want.

  2. HarryBerry32 says:


    I need:
    Tim Lincecum ToppsTown
    Tim Lincecum Cy Young
    Kila Ka’Aihue rookie
    Joe Saunders base
    Mark Sweeney base
    Ian Kinsler base
    Brandon Wood base

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