Inspirations in Sport

University newspapers are usually pretty hit or miss.  The paper at the university I go to is usually miss.  There was only one memorable printing in my years of reading it (don’t ask how many years that is), and that was only because the utterly clueless editorial staff let one of the rudest personal ads in the history of personal ads slip through and be printed.  Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Anyways, with the popularization of this whole internet thing, I have been able to find out that not all student newspapers are that futile.  For instance, Concordia College in Moorhead Minnesota puts out The Concordian.  Titles are never a strong point, let’s just get that out of the way.  This week, their ‘Bush League’ feature (it appears to be a sports roundtable, which is always good) tries to dig up some inspirational stories in sport.  First off, is Kay Yow, the women’s basketball coach who recently lost her battle with cancer.  Twenty years is a long time to fight for your life, and while battling Yow raised millions of dollars for cancer research.  Along a similar vein – Jim Valvano (Jimmy V) also made the list.  These two hit close to home for me, as my family has a strong tendancy towards cancer, so more research and better treatments are a definite area of interest for me.

My reason for stumbling across this article was that one of the writers mentioned Josh Hamilton as an inspiration.  Pat Tillman is on the list as well.  Daniel Ruettiger (you know him as Rudy) is on there as well.  Rudy was actually my first signed book.  He came to speak at my high school when I was in Grade 10.  It was a pretty cool to meet him (although he really doesn’t look anything like Sean Astin) – I think I have a couple Rudy autographs around at my parent’s home.

Bottom line, I guess:  there are a lot of things wrong with sports.  I am not going to put on the homer glasses and say everything is OK – but if you look, there are a lot of good things out there as well.


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