2009 Topps Series 1: Hamilton Preview

Apparently 2009 products will soon be upon us, so I have begun the process of organizing exactly what I will need to be chasing, and what I will only see on eBay.  I am not a huge fan of the checklists on Topps’s website, so I either wait until Beckett posts them and I can search or I head over to Magazine Exchange.

When I checked out 2009 Topps Series 1, it wasn’t that bad from a card point of view.  He has a base card (plus all the inevitable parallels), a Career Achievements autograph, and an All-Star “In the Name” letters card.   So, I should have no trouble tracking down a base card for myself.  Topps also very nicely pictured the Hamilton “In The Name” card.  Looks like these will all be 1/1s.  I love the idea, and I would love the card if I happened to stumble upon it – but that tiny little picture in the corner just kills it for me.  I’d really like to see the letters cut close, and then superimposed over a large picture of the player.  I’ll try to mock something up, but my Photoshopping isn’t going really well right now.


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