Seein’ Double Stadium Club Style

A couple blog world trades found their way to my mailbox this past week.  I managed to pick up two copies of Josh’s Stadium Club base card, which had been avoiding me to date.  This is a great looking base card – for all the flaws with Stadium Club, and the weird way they remade the product – Topps did manage to recapture the great photography!  Kudos to them for using a non-traditional pose.  Its nice to see something other than a batting shot, or the posed shots that permeated 2007 issues.

These cards came courtesy of Kris over at the Aardvark Trading Post and Marie at A Cardboard Problem.  I was working on the trade simultaneously.  What I really need now is to pick up another 1, 4 or 7 copies – because there is nothing more satisfying then filling up a complete row in a binder.

2008 Topps Stadium Club is my 195th different Josh Hamilton card.  I’ll try to do something cool for #200, which might be on its way, or might not be purchased / traded for yet.  I am a bit hazy on what I have incoming at the moment – it makes opening the mail really interesting.


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