Rangers Winter Caravan (Hamilton Signing) Report

The Fort Worth Star Telegram posted a report about the Josh Hamilton signing that took place last night.  Apparently….it was a little nuts.  People started lining up at 6 AM for one of the signing slots.  Check out the story from the link, its got some interviews with people who got in line that early, along with how and why they did it.

There’s also a picture on the sidebar.  It must be Hamilton, because of the tattoos you can see when his dress shirt pulled up at the sleeves, but I am at a loss to explain exactly what he is doing there.  It looks like he has a mic in one hand and a pair of sunglasses in the other, but that is as far as I can get for an explanation.

The signing was limited to 200 people, and that many were in line by 2 PM for a signing that started at 6:30 PM.  Those who arrived too late to be one of the lucky 200 weren’t completely shut out though.  They could still watch the event, and Hamilton signed 30 baseballs for organizers to raffle off amongst those who didn’t get to meet him.

Sounds like it was a wild event.  If anyone attended please feel free to comment and let us know how it was for you.  And if you can shed some light on what Josh is doing in that picture, I’d appreciate it.


2 Responses to Rangers Winter Caravan (Hamilton Signing) Report

  1. Laurens says:

    Nice link – if you are referring to the funny picture of Hamilton, I think he was just ‘fired up’ about the signing and gently mocking [also acknowledging] the crowd who were anticipating his arrival.

  2. JRJ says:

    Awesome… it’s like create the caption contest:
    – Oh what a feeling . . .
    – I swear it was this big
    – I love American Idol

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