Josh Hamilton Autograph Signing: January 22, Arlington TX

While perusing the weekly list of free autograph signings posted over at Bad Wax, one name popped out at me.

  • Josh Hamilton – baseball – 6:30pm – 8pm – Academy Sporting Goods, 1100 W Arbrook Blvd, Arlington, Texas

Just a heads up for any Hamilton fans or collectors in the Arlington area.  I have no idea how big this might be, but it looks like there are several Rangers and Astros signing there at the same time.  Check Bad Wax’s list under the January 22 heading to get the complete list.  Good luck to anyone who goes!

4 Responses to Josh Hamilton Autograph Signing: January 22, Arlington TX

  1. chemgod says:

    Thanks for the shout out!


  2. Marie says:

    Did you get a plane ticket yet?

  3. Dave S. Staten Island says:

    I live in NY and went to Josh’s book signing a few months ago. I met Josh and his family way back in 1999 when he played against Staten Island and also ran into him in 2006 when he came back to Hudson Valley. He is the same as when he was 18 years old. One of the most humble, respectfull guys out there. I got to meet his wife Katie and see his new born daughter. Josh extended his hand out to all fans and is ss nice as they come. He apologized to his fans that he could only sign his book.
    I’m jealous of you Texas fans!!!!! lol If anyone is going tonight tell him his fans from New HYork said hi!!!!!

    Dave S.
    Staten Island, New York

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