Fantasy Baseball Outlook

Adam Ronis, who writes a fantasy baseball column for posted an entry discussing whether Hamilton is a first rounder in a baseball fantasy draft for the upcoming season.  Full disclosure, last year I drafted Hamilton with the last pick of the 16th round in my main fantasy draft.  Overall, my team sucked (I had serious pitching issues), but I like to credit myself with possibly the best 16th round selection ever.

Ronis’s opinion is that there are too many question marks around Hamilton for him to be a first rounder, especially given the fact that he has only played one full season, and definitely slowed down in the latter half of the season.  No argument here.  I personally wouldn’t draft him in the top half of the first round, but if I am in the bottom half (and I usually am, I have horrible luck with draft positioning), he probably wouldn’t get past me.  And he definitely wouldn’t get past me in the second round.  Picking 9th or 10th, I might gamble that I could get him on the wraparound, but sometimes you just have to play it safe.


2 Responses to Fantasy Baseball Outlook

  1. Dave says:

    I accidentally drafted him in the eighth round last year. It is the only time I can ever remember accidentally drafting a player. I had him queued up for later rounds but didn’t think he was next in line. But I guess that worked out OK for me!

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