2008 Upper Deck Series 2 Three Pack Break

I needed team bags this weekend, so I hit up one of the local card shops in town.  I wasn’t looking for too much, I was considering cracking a box of ITG Heroes and Prospects, but he didn’t have any.  Says the demand for ITG products has really dropped off, and it just sits on his shelves.  I don’t find that surprising, but it is still kind of depressing.  In lieu of that, I grabbed three packs of Upper Deck Series 2.

I ended up with a stack of really nice base cards that I will look at more than once (the driving factor for me to get UD instead of Topps, even though Topps has more Hamilton’s), and I even managed a few hits.

Team USA Base Cards – Justin Smoak, Kyle Skipworth – cool looking cards, and these kids are both pretty good prospects.

USA National Team Jersey & Autograph – Tommy Medica /499 – this was in the first pack I opened.  I saw the thick card, and flipped right to it, assuming it was a decoy (I have amazing luck pulling decoys).  I had forgotten that UD decoys are grey cardboard, not white, and was pleasantly surprised with an autographed jersey card.  I really wish UD would pay more attention to quality control with the signatures though.

USA National Team Blue Autographs – Brett Hunter /149 – The next pack held another thick, white card.  A nicely centered blue autograph of Brett Hunter.

This is not my usual pack breaking luck, but I will definitely take it.  Kind of nice to beat the odds every now and then!


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