2002 Topps Prime Cuts Autographed Relics

This card ended up being my Christmas present to myself.  I was browsing eBay, and had a bit of Paypal to burn.  I really wanted to get ‘something’ rather than just fritter it away on a $5 purchase here and a $4 purchase there.  I stumbled across an auction for this card.

As with many cards issued between 1999 and 2007 – I had never seen it before.  The seller had a few different variations available (different sized bat pieces, different serial numbering), but this was the top dog.  A nice chunk of game used bat, and an autograph on the same chunk of bat.  Sure, the signature is a little wavy, but that’s because of the grain in the wood.  When you run your fingers over the wood, it is really obvious why Hamilton had a tough time signing the piece – its very rough.  I doubt the markers lasted very long with this signing.

This card arrived a few days ago, so it ended up being either a belated Christmas present or an early Ukraininan Christmas present for me.  Either way, I am happy.  Adding an auto’d game used piece to my collection is always a good day.


4 Responses to 2002 Topps Prime Cuts Autographed Relics

  1. Mario A. says:

    Wow, that is one sweet card!

  2. Marie says:

    Nice card! Autographs are always more fun in the mail.

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