ESPN Homecoming Episode Airs Tonight

The ESPN Homecoming episode featuring Josh Hamilton’s return to Athens Drive High School airs (aired) tonight (Friday) at 8 PM Eastern on ESPN2.  Check you local listings, since I don’t get ESPN up here in Canada.  If I can track down a link on ESPN’s site, I’ll post it here as well.  If anyone watches the show, please comment and give everyone your thoughts.

Special thanks to reader Jon for pointing this out.  He was also lucky enough to attend the taping of the show, and left his thoughts on my post here.  He found out about the taping through his local paper, the News Observer.  I think I found a copy of the story he was referring to here.  Check out the story.  There’s a very blurry picture of Hamilton being interviewed by Rick Reilly (I think), and also some quotes both from and about the show.

7 Responses to ESPN Homecoming Episode Airs Tonight

  1. paul says:

    any idea of any re-airing of the show? (missed it! argh…)

  2. Teresa White says:

    I think it will be re aired in April the ?22?

  3. Dave S. says:

    Love your site. I can’t believe I missed this show! I emailed ESPN asking if it will be re-aired but haven’t received a response. Please let us know if you find a date.

    Also, while I was looking at shows on my cable system I found the Larry King interview with Josh from a few months ago. It was on CNN on demand. I’m new to this board so I apologize if this was discussed earlier.

    Dave S. Staten Island,New York

  4. Jarrette Perry says:

    I would love to purchase a DVD of the Josh Hamilton Homecoming that was aired today, May 24th. Is this a possibility?

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