First Brush with Documentary

Prior to taking my Christmas break, I picked up a lot of 7 Josh Hamilton cards out of 2008 Upper Deck Documentary.  they arrived earlier this week, and I was somewhat pleasantly surprised.  The major complaint with this product is that the front of the cards have little to no relation to the backs of the cards, or the game that they depict.  Luckily for me, Josh Hamilton was the highlight of a lot of Texas Rangers games this year, and he is specifically mentioned on three of the 7 cards I picked up.

Twins 7:  Rangers 6 – “Texas let a 6-5 lead slip away in the ninth and lost in extra innings.  Josh Hamilton hit his 11th HR, and Frank Catalanotto had three hits as Texas rallied to go ahead.

Rangers 4:  Angels 3 – A first inning homer by Josh Hamilton and a second-inning two-run blast by Marlon Byrd got the offense going while Kevin Milwood (seven Ks) allowed just five hits in 6.2 innings.

Rangers 6:  Athletics 1 – Led by Josh Hamilton’s three knocks, every Texas batter had at least one hit, including pinch-hitter Brandon Boggs.  Dustin Nippert tied his career best with seven strikeouts.

So, from a game write up perspective, I did OK with the Hamilton cards.  Its nice to have a reason other than the picture on the front to be picking these up.  I’d still prefer to have everything specific to the game (key player pictured during the game in question), but this set isn’t as bad as I once feared.

Also, I got three different poses in the 7 cards.  Unfortunately, UD really copped out on the pictures.  Check out these two:

Check out the guy in the red shirt in the upper left hand corner, and the guy in sun glasses slightly below him.  Yep, in my humble opinion – these photos were taken in the exact same game.  Thus narrowing the chance that any of these photos match up to the games they are depicting even further.  Sigh…..  Just when I was thinking the set might have some redeeming qualities, I notice something like this.   I am still going to collect this set, just because it will look really nice in binder pages.  I am disappointed when someone takes a really great idea and half-asses it though.



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