2007 Topps 52 Gold Refractor

I’m not really sure what to make of this card.  I picked it up in a trade on Beckett, and I am really happy with it, it is just one of those ‘different’ cards that kind of sticks out.  I think the sticking point for me is that it is a refractor with a dull cardboard back.  I mean ‘dull’ as in ‘non-glossy’ not ‘boring’.  Not that the back is all that exciting.  Some stats, a small write up, and the serial numbering (/52).  The front of the card is well put together.  One problem with a lot of Hamilton’s 2007 cards is that there are way too many posed shots.  This is one of those.

Overall, I am happy to add this to my collection.  I traded an Alex Rodriguez bat card out of 2008 A&G as the main piece in the trade.  There were a few bits and pieces going each way as well, but these were the main blocks.

This is a fairly short printed parallel from his rookie year in the big leagues, but it isn’t really a card I probably would have purchased.  Its cool to trade and have the opportunity to pick up cards like this for a card I didn’t really have that much attachment too.

2 Responses to 2007 Topps 52 Gold Refractor

  1. Marie says:

    I like the card, and when it’s the player you collect it is even more fun regardless of what you give up to get it.

  2. Patricia says:

    The colors are kind of mesmerizing.

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