Keith Aulie: Team Canada’s Life Saver

No, its got nothing to do with a hockey game.  Keith Aulie is a defenseman for Team Canada at the WJHC (puck drop in 5 minutes!).  In his spare time, he saves his Dad’s life.  No, seriously. Keith’s Dad, Bill was clearing the ice off his dugout when his tractor fell through.  Keith pulled him out and carried him to the house.  In addition to the Calary Herald story, TSN just did a feature on him as part of its pre-game show.  They interviewed his Dad, and when they asked him what he was feeling while it happened, his reaction might not be typical:  ‘I was mad….’  Basically, he was mad that he had done something stupid (didn’t check the thickness of all the ice) and his son was probably going to watch him die.  It reminded me of my Dad (he’s also a good Saskatchewan farmer).  Not feeling sad or scared, but pissed off that he had done something stupid, and that his kid was going to suffer for it.

What does this have to do with Josh Hamilton?  Absolutely nothing.  Just a feel good story about a kid who put his butt on the line.  And as for why this tournament is important?  Prime Minister of Canada (Ha!  This is going to relate to cards after all – Harper has a Ginter card!) Stephen Harper was doing pre-game analysis with the TSN crew.  Not just your typical “I’m happy to be here”, or dropping a ceremonial puck – Harper gives ‘keys to the game’, is writing a book on hockey (when not causing a Parliamentary crisis), and his son, Ben scored the winning goal at his minor hockey tournament which was also held in Ottawa.


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