Going for Gold: A World Junior Interlude

I love baseball.  I love watching Josh Hamilton play baseball.  But still, my absolute favorite sporting event to watch is the annual IIHF World Under 20 Men’s Hockey Championships.  Its intense, and Canada is very good at it.  They’ve won 4 gold medals in a row.  Tonight was the semi-final against Russia.  Win or go home.  Well, win or play for bronze, but bronze really isn’t the point of this tournament for Canada.  This was a great game, as many Canada / Russia tilts are.  Canada ties it up with 5.5 seconds left in regulation on a goal by Jordan Eberle (a hometown boy for me).

And that, resulted in one of those awesome  mid-air moments that some bloggers have been known to love.  This one is courtesy of Ryan Ellis and the aforementioned Jordan Eberle.

In this case, the IIHF mandated 10 minute OT session solved nothing, and it resulted in a shootout.  Eberle shot first, and scored.  The first Russian shooter hit the post.  Canada’s second shooter was phenom John Tavares.  I’ll let you guess what happened from these pictures:

(This picture makes me happy and sad.  They are just kids after all.)

This one only makes me happy.  No sad Russians to bring me down.  Plus, its funny to see Canadian head coach Pat Quinn glowering in the background.  Crack a smile, Pat.  The second Canadian shooter was Pavel Chernov, and Canadian goalie Dustin Tokarski stoned him.  Bottom line:  Canada meets Sweden for gold on Monday night.  Maybe my heart rate will be normal by then.

If any of my American readers get the NHL Network, I am pretty sure they will be covering the medal games on Monday.  Russia meets the tournament Cinderella (there’s always one) Slovakia for bronze in the afternoon, and Canada meets Sweden for gold in the evening.  It should be intense.




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