Ballparking it…

Yes, I am aware that “Ballparking it…” generally means that one is going to estimate something.  I’m not using it in that context.  I’m using it as a title to announce that I have finished off the Josh Hamilton mini-project out of 2008 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection.  Hamilton had two octo jerseys and two hexa jerseys.  Here’s the last piece of the puzzle.

Ballpark Collection was a great set, in my opinion.  It wasn’t necessarily the best value in a break, but it produced some really nice cards – and it also made the multi memorabilia pieces accesible to a lot of people.  Although, some might argue – they are a little too accesible.


3 Responses to Ballparking it…

  1. Patricia says:

    UD Ballpark really is pretty. Congrats on completing the mini-project!

  2. Zach says:

    In 1999 it was expected that Rick Ankiel and Josh Hamilton would appear on this kind of card as established pros…yet looking back now, it’s a miracle that both of them are still here. Funny, huh?

    • That’s true. JD Drew didn’t exactly take the most conventional path to the majors either (although for different reasons). I think those are the three black sheep on that version of the Ballpark 6s/8s.

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