And now, a break for local news….

Police seek chicken flingers in Tisdale, Saskatchewan

There’s a lot of doom and gloom in the news today.  Things suck for a lot of people, and in all likelihood, nothing is going to magically change tomorrow.  But, every so often, in the midst of all the foreclosures, and dropping oil prices – there is a story about a man throwing a live chicken into a 7-11.

Some notable quotes:  “The owner of that store said the chickens were relocated to an area farm.” and “Police are calling the incident an apparent animal rights protest.”

I’ll grant you that some people out there think that killing and eating animals is wrong – but how is taking these chickens out in -35 weather and hurling them into a convenience store ‘right’?

The comments at the end of the story are great too.  I hope you enjoyed a brief respite from doom and gloom as much as I did.

2 Responses to And now, a break for local news….

  1. PunkRockPaint says:

    Throwing live chickens into convenience stores is one of my favorite hobbies…

    My favorite hobby is voting in contests:


    • I like voting in contests, but I wouldn’t rate it as my favorite hobby. Still, on a Friday afternoon, my last day before I start my Christmas break, its as good a way to kill a couple minutes as any.

      Two more hours!

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