2008 Upper Deck Documentary Appears to be Live!

I finally got around to checking my morning emails from eBay for my saved searches just before noon.  I wasn’t expecting too much – a 7-day auction right now would end on Christmas Day.  Great for bargain hunters, not so great for sellers.

There wasn’t a whole lot of interesting items for Hamilton today, but this card, from Upper Deck’s new mega-set Documentary caught my eye.

I am not sure how exactly this set is going to work for the regular players – if Hamilton is on cards for 15 or 16 different Rangers games with the exact same picture, it will depend on how easy they are to pick up.  This card, commemorating his HR Derby performance will definitely be on my list of ‘must-haves’ though.  It looks like there is a series of HR Derby cards, as this one is numbered HR2 – there is probably a corresponding set of All-Star Game cards as well.

I imagine this set is going to be interesting for the dedicated team collectors out there – any of you guys care to comment on how you are tackling this?  Is every card a must-have for you, or will you pick and choose?


11 Responses to 2008 Upper Deck Documentary Appears to be Live!

  1. Rod says:

    I wish I knew who was on the cards. A team on ebay for the Padres is $30 with shipping and handling. But there is no listing of whom is in the set. I will have to watch for individual cards

    • There is a checklist up on Upper Deck’s site, but I must admit, I looked at it, and it made things as clear as mud.
      I searched Beckett’s listing for Hamilton Documentary, and it appears he has 67 cards in the set. 31 ‘base cards’ (hopefully they all have different pictures), 31 gold parallels, an All-Star Game card, and 4 Home Run Derby cards. That should be fun.
      Judging from Beckett’s checklist, the Padres players included are: Peavy, Greene, Young, Maddux, Giles, Hoffman, Gonzalez, and Kouzmanoff. Over and over. 329 Padres cards in the set.

  2. Spiff says:

    As a team collector I will just pick them up when I can. I find that with the card companies going bananas with parallels that is about all one can do.

  3. JT says:

    I don’t really care for parallels. I’ll pick them up if they’re a) part of a larger lot, b) part of a larger trade, or c) super cheap. But for the most part I focus on base cards.

  4. JT says:

    To answer your question if there are different photos used, I found this on an auction for some Reds cards:

    “Please take notice that the entire 166 cards are not different pictures of scores of Reds. Rather 5 or 6 players on the team are used over and over again (exact same picture) with different information on the front and back.”

    • Well, that clears that part of it up. I’ll probably still want to chase all the Hamilton versions, but I won’t be putting quite the same amount of effort / money into it now.
      Hopefully the HR Derby cards have different photos on them, as they appear to be some type of insert.

  5. Paul says:

    I would have been interested in collecting this if each card had a different photo and somehow related to the game. As it is, I plan on boycotting it. I will not even bother to get a representative variation for each Met.

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