The important stuff in 2009 SPx

With the end of 2008 rapidly approaching (seriously, it was June, like, yesterday), I guess we can now start to look forward to 2009. In addition to me writing 2008 on my rent cheque for the first couple of months of the year – that also means that there will be new baseball products coming out. And, with me collecting a player who kind of, sort of blew up a little bit in 2008 – there will likely be a lot of Hamiltons in the 2009 releases.

First up (that I have seen a picture of a Hamilton card from – I have no idea when it actually releases) is 2009 Upper Deck SPx. If you want more than the details on Hamilton in this product, check out Beckett’s Blog – they have a lot more pictures, and they let me borrow the Hamilton image you are about to see. I asked after I stopped whimpering in the corner.

First the positives – its a great looking card, and it also features Hamilton in his Texas Rangers uniform – presumably that means UD has gotten ahold of some Texas GU for the upcoming cards – I am all for that. Now the bad – Hamilton has been elevated from sharing his card with such luminaries as Xavier Nady and Rick Ankiel to being pictured with Derek Jeter and Albert Pujols. Yay, me. I mean, its not like there are lots of Yankee fans out there, right? And who’s heard of that Pujols guy anyways? Any Lance Berkman fans out there that want to commiserate with me, feel free to comment below.

So, there we have it – my first warning that 2009 is going to be a very interesting year for collecting Josh Hamilton. Lots of cool looking cards? A definite positive for me. Lots of cool looking cards that feature some of the other most popular players of the game today? Not so good.

Hopefully, I remember this post when I snag an actual copy of this card, and I will be able to laugh at how worried I was at the time. More likely – this post will be salt in the wound every time I am outbid on a copy….

2 Responses to The important stuff in 2009 SPx

  1. bingo says:

    I collect Hamilton too. He is awesome.

  2. That’s cool – its more competition, but he has lots of cards out there, so it isn’t too intense!

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