2000 Topps Tek Colour…errr…Color

A while back, I got really ambitious and scanned in all my 2000 Topps Tek Variations. I also took the time to lament that I had never even seen a ‘Color’ version of Hamilton. Well, the eBay gods must have heard me, because one popped up within a week or so of my post. It was listed with a BIN of $15.00 and he was accepting offers. I think I initially offered $6.00 + shipping, and was countered at $12.00. I passed. As much as I wanted one – I also knew the market for Hamilton’s inserts and semi-rare parallels where he is pictured in a Devil Rays uniform is quite soft. His autographs sell well out of any product, and his newer stuff starts off red hot, but 2000 – 2003 stuff is rather stagnant. I am getting to it as quickly as my Paypal account allows, though.

As I expected (and hoped), no one bit @ $15.00, nor was an offer accepted. Shortly thereafter, it popped up at open auction – starting bid $0.99 (my favorite kind). I set my snipe, and waited impatiently for 6 days. Turns out, I won the auction for $2.25 – $5.25 shipped to Canada. 🙂 Here’s what all the fuss was about:

Sharp looking card. This one is numbered 38-20. I believe there are 5 different Color variations – I can only assume (hope) they are 5 different colours. The base variations are cool looking cards, adding the colour to the opaque parts on the acetate makes this card look that much cooler.


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