Mini Wantlists Added

To clarify the title a little bit – the want lists aren’t all that mini – but the cards I am looking for are. Spurred on by my success in finding those last few cards I needed for my A&G base set after posting on Hand Collated’s End of the Year Clearance topic, where the good folks over at Dinged Corners replied and said they could help me knock off the last few singles – I got started on my remaining want lists.

My Set Wantlist can be found by clicking the handy link labeled ‘Set Wantlist’ in the bar at the top of the page. How novel, I know. I just added my lists for the 2008 Topps A&G Base Minis and the 2008 Topps A&G Black Bordered Minis. Now that I have the base set completed, I’d like to get these close to completion before 2009 Topps A&G comes out. If you can help, drop me a note somehow, and let me know what you collect.


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