Show Pickups

Well, my truck started so I headed off to the show.  Its not a huge show.  Admission is free, if you bring a donation for the local food bank.  Attendance was sparse,  but that wasn’t surprising considering the weather.  I didn’t even really make my rounds – I did all my shopping at a friend’s table.  He brings tons of stuff, and he sells at fair prices.  I started with his hockey boxes, and then he dug out his baseball stuff for a while as well.

Jordan Eberle 07/08 ITG Heroes and Prospects Update Autograph – Eberle plays for my hometown junior team, and he will likely be suiting up for Canada at the WJHC in the next couple of weeks.  He’s a solid player.

08/09 Upper Deck Black Shawn Matthias Rookie Auto Lettermen & 07/08 Upper Deck SPx Erik Johnson Autographed Rookie – I love the Black Lettermen, and Matthias is a Team Canada alum as well.   EJ had some bad luck with a golf cart during training camp and is out for the year (seriously), but he is still one of the good young defensemen in the game.

07/08 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Rookie Cards:  Jack Johnson, Erik Johnson, Anton Stralman (Auto’d) – I picked these up mainly to add to my trade list.  Stralman looks like he will be a good d-man, but he just can’t quite get things rolling and be in the lineup everyday.

2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Collegiate Patches Jeff Samardzija – I just couldn’t resist this – Notre Dame’s logo is so cool, and is a really great looking card.  Good job on Donruss for leaving lots of space on the material for the player to sign.  This is another card that I’ll be adding to my trade list, but won’t lose a lot of sleep if I end up keeping it.

2008 Upper Deck Piece of History Piece of Hollywood:  Kevin Costner Shirt from “JFK”, Jim Carrey Pants from “Bruce Almighty”, Christopher Reeves Cape from “Superman III” and Mel Gibson Pants from “We Were Soldiers” – I am working on this set, and these pickups get me down to only needing 5 more for my set.  I really like the idea for the set.  the lack of pictures hurts the set a bit, but its still a cool idea.   How else would I ever get a piece of Superman’s cape?  I really liked “We Were Soldiers”, and this is my first of the three Mel Gibson cards in the set.  The only disappointing thing is that the Gibson pieces are from some of his civilian costumes in the movie.  Fatigues would have looked cooler (and been more fitting).

So, that’s my haul.  I didn’t buy any packs to break at this one, but I did pick up a blaster of Upper Deck MVP Hockey when I was at Wal-Mart after.  I’ll post the results of that later this afternoon, if all goes according to plan.


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