2008-09 Upper Deck MVP Hockey Blaster Break

I picked up this blaster when I stopped at wal-Mart on my way home from the card show.  MVP is a nice, low-end hockey set.  Boxes generally sell in the $50+ range, the blaster was $25 CDN + tax.  Rookie cards fall 1:2 packs, inserts are also 1:2 packs, so you never hit an all-base pack, which is really nice.  There are 12 packs in the blasters (or the typical 10 + 2 bonus packs – does anyone know if there is a reason besides marketing for the ‘bonus’ packs?).

With the fluctuating Canadian dollar, I find it makes more sense to buy the low end products in their retail incarnations.  Retail prices are always constant – hobby prices get out of control at times when you consider a shifting Canadian dollar and the added cost of shipping / customs fees / taxes when importing to Canada.  I prefer to support my local hobby shops when I have a chance, but it doesn’t always make sense for me to do so.

On to the break.  Inserts first.

Alexander the GR8 – The reigning league MVP gets his own subset in MVP, commemorating his various accomplishments.  Can’t really complain – Ovechkin is never a bad pull.

First Line Phenoms:  Patrick Kane and Thomas Vanek – Two young stars on another typical MVP insert set – lots of foil and bright graphics.

Marked by Valo(u)r:  Vincent Lecavalier, Cam Ward – My Canadian-imposed insistence on all those extra ‘u’s aside – I really don’t understand this subset.  It looks nice, though.

Magnificent 7s:  Guy Lafleur – This is a subset I can get behind.  It commemorates significant playoff Game 7s throughout the years.  This particular card is from the 1979 Conference Finals, when the Canadiens beat the Bruins after a late too many men on the ice penalty.  I might try to get this card suitably de-glossed and send it to Lafleur TTM – he’s a solid signer.

On to the rookies.  My main rookie of interest this season is Leafs stud Luke Schenn, but there are a number of other solid prospects out there.  MVP has an extensive rookie checklist (I want to say 100, but I am too lazy to log onto UD’s website and check), so while there are lots of good ones, there are lots of scrubs as well.

MVP Rookies:  Steve Mason, Shawn Matthias, Robbie Earl, Derek Dorsett, Janne Niskala, Chris Minard – Not a bad mix, all things considered.  Mason is lights out, and was a teammate of Matthias at last year’s WJHC (he was top goalie, and possibly tournament MVP, actually).  Earl is a middling Leafs prospect, but he might round into shape.  Dorsett is a goon (not that there is anything wrong with that) and the less said about the other two, the better.  No Schenn, but hopefully I can work out a trade for one.

Generally with my breaks, this is where it ends.  I get an OK mix of the stated inserts and then go on my merry way.  The last pack I pulled out of the box (maybe it was one of the ‘bonus’ packs) had a little something extra.  And it wasn’t a decoy!

MVP Two on Two Jerseys: Ilya Kovalchuk / Kari Lehtonen / Tomas Vokoun / Stephen Weiss – great hit for a low end product.  A quad jersey featuring a legitimate NHL superstar (Kovalchuk, even if he does play on a crappy team).

So, there you have what is likely an atypical MVP blaster box break.  Probably the last hockey for a while.  I only have baseball (errr, Hamilton mainly)  incoming, and with Christmas coming up, I have  different priorities both for my time and money.  Comments and or questions about hockey are always appreciated.

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