2000 Topps Stadium Club Co Signers

A few days ago, I got a Christmas package from a friend.  Being as how I never really progressed past the age of four when it comes to Christmas presents, I immediately asked if I could shake it.  He told me to go ahead and open it (I will shake, hold it up to the light, and try to see through the folds – but I will not open a Christmas present early without permission).  He was going away for the holidays, and wanted to know what I thought of it anyways.  And he wanted to know if I had it already.

I didn’t have it yet.  I have seen the card a number of times on eBay, but just hadn’t pulled the trigger in the midst of all the other Hamilton goodies around.  I don’t think Corey Myers ever really turned out as the slugger he was so highly touted on the back of the card, but that’s OK.  For a long time, it would have looked like this card was just one of those “Why’d they get these two guys to sign?” cards.  Then Hamilton clawed his way back.

There’s lots to like about this card (even aside from Myers ridiculously high browed hat).  Hard signed autographs, and a nice design.  The photo selection is good as well – similar poses, and having the bats crossed in the middle of the card looks sharp.  All in all, a great Christmas present, and a card I am really happy to add to my collection.

Hamilton has another Co Signers card in 2000 Topps Stadium Club, so I am also on the lookout for the version with Hamilton and BJ Garbe.  It is seeded at the same rate as the Hamilton / Myers version, but I don’t ever recall seeing the Hamilton / Garbe version.


One Response to 2000 Topps Stadium Club Co Signers

  1. Dave says:

    I hadn’t noticed the crossed bats! That’s a nice little detail. They even seemed to fake the background a bit, as it appears to stretch behind both players. Very nice.

    Just picked up “Beyond Belief” from the library the other day and am looking forward to a nice holiday read.

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