Hamilton Auctions Off HR Derby Spikes

One of the items in my RSS reader is a feed from Sports Collectors Daily about Sports Memorabilia News.  Most memorabilia is out of my price range, but I love reading about some of the things that pop up for auction.  Today they had a story about Josh Hamilton auctioning off some of his duds for charity.

The news link in the story is to the Winston-Salem Journal, which has a few more details (and also a picture of Josh looking all spiffed up in suit and tie for his trip to the White House yesterday).  Hamilton’s Triple Play Ministries is looking to raise $80 000 to complete an orphanage in Uganda (always important to note that even in these doom and gloom economic times in North America, there are places out there that would be happy with our bad days).

This auction was one of the things they are doing to help.  Items auctioned off include a signed Nolan Ryan jersey, Hamilton’s All-Star Jersey that was signed by the Rangers and Yankees All-Stars (drew $10 000), and of course the spikes he wore during his record breaking tear at this year’s Home Run Derby.

How does he deal with giving away these items for charity:  “It’s just stuff to me.”  He also has words for people who are trying to pick themselves back up:  “I was raised with good morals and values, to know the difference between right and wrong.  Just because you teach your kids that doesn’t mean they won’t make mistakes. What I want to let kids know and realize is that when they make those mistakes, don’t keep making them. Learn from them and move on, put it behind you.”


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