Weird Frank Thomas POH Card

A stopover from the Hamiltons for a moment, to show off one of those cards that slips through QC, and makes you go “Hmmmmm.” Of course, some might argue I am being presumptuous to say that UD actually has a QC department.

The card in question is a Frank Thomas Stadium Scenes Jersey Blue Parallel. A cool card – Thomas has always been a favorite of mine, even moreso after he spent some time with the Jays. He gained a lot of respect in my books when it leaked out that he was the one active player who willingly cooperated with the Mitchell Report, and the investigation into steroid use in baseball. I pick up Jays cards when I get a chance. Its often easier to work out a trade for Jays cards, as there are a lot more of them floating around there than Hamilton (not that there is any shortage of those on the market). A friend who breaks cases of most products that came out floated this card my way, instead of selling it with the rest of his break. Its not hard to understand why he didn’t feel right selling this bad boy off…..


2 Responses to Weird Frank Thomas POH Card

  1. night owl says:

    Even Frank has a WTF look on his face. I always wondered what the Oakland A’s would look like in blue uniforms. ha!

  2. Upon further reflection, there’s just sooo much wrong with this card. Team name and player’s jersey don’t match, Frank looks like he is going to bat with a piece of rebar, no jersey swatch in the fancy little spot designated for a jersey swatch…..

    Too bad – I really liked Piece of History on the whole.

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