2008 Bowman Chrome Catch Up

I have mostly broken myself of the habit of needing to rush to eBay and pick up new singles as soon as a product trickles on to the market.  I still rush to check out all the new singles on eBay, but I don’t buy immediately.  I do this for a couple of reasons – primarily because the “Ooooo, that’s shiny” moment is a terrible time to make any purchase, but also because prices drop a bit after release, and there is more time to seek out sellers who have several singles from a product available at once, as opposed to making three separate purchases and paying three separate shipping charges.

It is sometimes frustrating, but also sometimes very rewarding.  I stumbled across eBay seller stjohnscards who had some Hamilton Bowman Chrome kicking back on his cyber store shelves.  In one fell swoop, I snagged a Refractor (yeah, I probably could have had this one a long time ago), an X-Fractor (I have a love / hate relationship with X-Fractors), and most importantly a Gold Refractor (Topps really mailed it in on their use of ‘Gold’ – it looks more like Beige).  With combined shipping, this order checked in at an even $20.00.  Considering the exorbitant amounts some sellers want for shipping to Canada, I was tickled with this purchase.  Even if the Gold Refractor is beige, and the X-Fractor gives me headaches.

I’ve actually come to believe that the only way to truly appreciate an X-Fractor is via a scan, or digital photograph.  When I opened the envelope, I cringed – as I am wont to do with X-Fractors.  Once I scanned it though – it looks great.  Yes, I know the whole point of Refractors is how they look when the light hits them, but I just don’t have time to take a bright, white light and run it over the surface of my X-Fractors when I want to appreciate them.  I’ll settle for putting the card in my binder, and checking out a scan when I feel the need for a X-Fractor fix.

As an aside – I think this might be the first time I have mentioned an eBay seller expressly, and linked to their store.  That should tell you something about the quality of service you will get from this seller.  I bought and paid for these three cards on December 3.  I received them in the mail today – December 8.  That’s 5 calendar days – or only three business days!  That’s obscene for a cross border transaction.  Fast shipping, good communication, and a well packaged shipment.  You really can’t ask for much more from an eBay transaction.

And I realize, I’ve talked all this time without actually showing off the scan of the X-Fractor, so as a treat for everyone who patiently waited this long, here it is in all its glory.  I’m not sure if ‘glory’ is the right word there, but it will have to do.

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