Hull brings up Hamilton

Brett Hull is currently trying to somehow extricate himself from the sticky situation he got himself into when he signed known idiot Sean Avery to a four year contract this off season.  As you may or may not have heard Sean Avery made a rather tasteless remark about his ex-girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert a few days back.

Let’s face it – its probably not the first time someone has tried to run down their ex a little bit.  Of course, Avery staged it as a media event, and called the cameras and tape recorders over so they could record the moment for posterity.  Oh, and that ex of his just happens to be dating Flames defenseman Dion Phaneuf.  Who is very high on my list of “People Not to Meet in a Dark Alley.”  He’s a great hockey player, but he looks mean.  Very mean.   The NHL stepped in and suspended Avery for being Avery, and the world will move on.

Texas Ranger’s blog is reporting that Hull is trying to cover his butt on the Sean Avery signing by bringing up the fact that the Texas Rangers assumed a similar risk when they brought in Josh Hamilton.  “You look at the Texas Rangers and Josh Hamilton and there’s a very good example of how a risk turned out well.”

No arguments from me – Hamilton has turned out well for the Rangers.  But comparing Avery to Hamilton?  First of all – the Rangers have plenty of options with Hamilton is he hadn’t worked out – he’s not on a huge contract that could have crippling effects on his team’s salary cap situation.  Also, and perhaps most importantly – Josh Hamilton doesn’t seem to revel in being a complete and utter jackass.  So, its correct to say that the Rangers assumed a risk in picking up Hamilton.  Its just horribly wrong to say that its the same type of risk the Stars assumed when they signed Avery to a 4 year / $11 million contract this past summer.

One Response to Hull brings up Hamilton

  1. Patricia says:

    That is a lame longshot of a remark, comparing Avery and Hamilton. Jeez.

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