Josh Hamilton Q&A

The Texas Rangers team site posted a question and answer session with Josh Hamilton late yesterday.  There are video links as well, but that’s verboten for me at work, so I’ll have to defer on those until I get home later.

A pretty light hearted session, a few questions about his book, and then lots of questions from listeners.  He really sounds like he’s enjoying baseball with the Rangers and life in general.  He talks about some locker room pranks (I’ve actually seen the bike lock one before, its hilarious – and also non-destructive which is a nice touch) and also about being part of the last slip and slide session at Shea Stadium.  I missed that, but if anyone has a YouTube link to that, drop me a note – I’ll look for it later myself.


One Response to Josh Hamilton Q&A

  1. Dave says:

    “Josh: You know, my body held up a lot better than I thought it would. I found out this year that 162 games was a grind. I can say now that I’ve been through it, experienced it. Now I can know what everyone else is talking about. I did a lot of praying this year. Before every game I would pray for health, for the Lord to protect me today and keep me healthy, protect my teammates to keep them healthy, and protect the other team. Let us put on a good show and entertain folks that were out there watching.”

    That is really awesome. It is impossible for me not to feel giddy inside when I hear or read the things that Josh Hamilton says.

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