2007 Bowman Heritage…and why it freaks me out

I picked up this card in a trade on Beckett last week.  I believe this is the slightly rarer version, without the facsimile signature on the front of it.  Regardless, this card freaks me out.

Let me explain.  I’m a pretty big X-Files fan.  Geeky, I know – but I have a blog about baseball cards named after an operator used in quantum mechanics, so what am I really clinging to?  One of the better episodes is called “Hungry” – it aired during season 7, if you are at all interested.  The unexplainable phenomenon in this episode centred around a fast food employee who was a compulsive eater – including what is colloquially known as ‘long pork.’  anyways, as it turns out this ‘guy’ is not quite human.  If you put a ball cap on him, he’d look a lot like Hamilton in the picture above.  Fewer tattoos, but whatever effect they used on these Heritage cards turned Josh Hamilton into whatever the heck type of creature Rob Roberts was in that episode.

I think its mainly the way the eyes look like they are all pupil.  Its creepy.  Bowman Heritage is usually really nice, but I wish it didn’t bring up memories of a slacker fast food employee who happened to eat the guy who annoyed him at the drive through.  What do you think?  Am I way off on this one?  And, if you are so inclined, check out this list of X-Files Monsters.  The site is sketchy on a few details, but I like lists.


2 Responses to 2007 Bowman Heritage…and why it freaks me out

  1. Patricia says:


    That *is* a strange card–in fact we didn’t recognize him and were a little surprised when we flipped the card over to find it was Josh H.

  2. It took me a while to figure out why I didn’t really like the card, but I was watching the X-Files a little while ago, and everything clicked.

    You are right, it really doesn’t look anything like Hamilton.

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