2000 Topps Tek Variations

I helped out some of my fellow bloggers over at Dinged Corners with a Barry Zito base card they needed for their collection. To fill out the package a little bit more, I added in some other cards I figured they might appareciate. One of those was a double of one of my favorite cards – a 2000 Topps Tek Josh Hamilton. Its one of those shiny, happy cards.

After reading some of the comments about the admittedly weird nature of Topps Tek, I decided to pull out my stack of Tek and do a post about it.  Tek is one of those sets that player collectors hate.  Unless they somehow manage to get all the cards for their player in the set – then they love it.  1999 Topps Tek had an obscene number of parallels – here’s a link showing 60 variations of the Mark Grace cards.  Its insane.  But, its also a fun little project for the craziest of player collectors.

I got off relatively easy with Hamilton in 2000 Topps Tek.  There were only 15 variations of his base card.  Tek also had Gold parallels (I’m guessing there are 15 different versions of these /10), and a Color parallel (I have never seen these, one of the drawbacks of starting a player collection 8 years after your guy debuts).  What I can show everybody is the breakdown of Hamilton’s base cards in the set.  Basically, it is three different poses, with different floating text on the background of each.

  • 38-1:  Portrait Shot with MLB logo background
  • 38-2:  Portrait Shot with MLB Player’s Choice logo background
  • 38-3:  Portrait Shot with American League banner background
  • 38-4:  Portrait Shot with Devil Rays logo background
  • 38-5:  Portrait Shot with Devil Rays alternate logo background

  • 38-6:  Fielding Action Shot with Devil Rays third logo background
  • 38-7:  Fielding Action Shot with Raleigh text background
  • 38-8:  Fielding Action Shot with autograph background
  • 38-9:  Fielding Action Shot with ML Slugging Percentage background
  • 38-10:  Fielding Action Shot with position background

  • 38-11:  Batting Pose with Batting Average background
  • 38-12:  Batting Pose with LEFT background
  • 38-13:  Batting Pose with DOB background
  • 38-14:  Batting Pose with Prospect background
  • 38-15:  Batting Pose with Topps Home Team Advantage background

I’m guessing most players have a similar breakdown.  Obviously, not everyone can have a ‘Prospect’ background.  In my search for Hamilton cards, I have picked up one of the gold parallels.  They are very nicely done, with gold replacing the white / rainbow print on the base versions, and rounded corners.  They are serial numbered /10.

If anyone can enlighten me as to what I should be looking for with the Color parallels, please let me know.  I’d like to pick up a few more parallels.  I’m crazy like that.



6 Responses to 2000 Topps Tek Variations

  1. night owl says:

    Good gosh, I have no patience for stuff like that. More power to ya.

  2. Tribecards says:

    Try collecting a TEAMFUL of these friggin things. I eventually decided that I was concentrating on ‘type set’ for this bastyd!

  3. Patricia says:

    Discovering whatever nth degree of variations of cards there are for one player requires a whole different kind of patience and precision than set collecting. It seems like Topps Tek 2000 made that especially challenging, but the JH truly is one shiny happy card. It just looks DIFFERENT.

  4. I can’t imagine team collecting. Its bad enough chasing one guy. 🙂 Also, at any given time, I am usually angry with several players on my favorite team.

    I don’t burn myself out chasing every Josh Hamilton card ever made – that’s just asking for trouble, but completing a mini-project like this is very satisfying.

  5. […] Gone A Couple Times Before…. I have a mild obsession with 2000 Topps Tek.  You might have noticed.  Or here. The set’s only 9 years old, there’s still lots of time for me to pick away […]

  6. Thanks for the link to my Mark Grace site. Grace wasn’t in 2000 Tek, but after 90 variations (plus 90 more diffractor variations) in 1998, and the 60 variations (plus 60 gold variations #/10) in 1999, I was relieved! Good luck with Hamilton.

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