ESPN Chat Log w/ Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton was at ESPN yesterday doing various and sundry tasks related to his book and tell his story to the few sports fans out there who haven’t heard it already.  He taped a bit for First Take, which will air on ESPN2 sometime today.  I’d tell you the time, but A) I don’t get ESPN 2, and B) time zones have never been my strong point, living as I do in a province that doesn’t bother with trivialities such as Daylight Savings Times.

He also participated in a chat session yesterday, for anyone who happened along.  I wasn’t there, partly because I was working, and partly because I didn’t hear about it until today, and my time machine is on the fritz.  Here’s a transcript of the chat session.  Pretty wide ranging, as anything which relies on user participation usually ends up being.  My highlights of the interview were when he said Boston was his favorite away stadium, because they play “Sweet Caroline” in the seventh inning.  I’d have to agree that it doesn’t really matter what kind of day you are having, a good round of “Bah Bah Bah” can put a smile on your face pretty quick.  Or maybe he likes it because he is from North Carolina, I’m not sure.  Also – he rates Flex All in his jock strap as the worst practical joke he’s ever fallen prey to.


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