2008 Topps Update Pack Break

I picked up a few packs of 2008 Topps Update on my way out of the card show this morning.  My purchase was mainly driven by the fact that Josh Hamilton appears on the packaging for the product.  And yes, I folded up the wrapper and stuck it in my binder along with my cards.  I’m not sure if its the first packaging he’s appeared on, but its definitely the first packaging he’s appeared on since I started collecting him.  If anyone knows of an earlier appearance, please let me know.

I got he usual smattering of inserts and base cards.  Anything other than base will be detailed at the bottom.  If you are interested in base, and want me to dig through my mini stack for you, please let me know.  I lucked out, and pulled two of the four Hamilton base cards in the product as well.  I have the base cards incoming from a good friend who breaks cases, but there’s nothing quite like pulling them yourself.  Even for base cards.

The first base card was self explanatory.  Hamilton in the All-Star subset.  Nice write up on the back about his performance in the Home Run Derby as well.  And just to flash back to the event, Hamilton went 1 for 3 with a single.

The second one was nice – because it features Hamilton in his All-Star uniform, but I have never really considered Hamilton and Carlos Guillen as a ‘Classic Combo.’  In fact, I never really considered them a ‘Combo’ at all.  Except for the accident of chance that had them standing together during All Star warmups while a Topps photographer happened to be passing by.  There’s a similar card with JD Drew, but at least Drew succeeded Hamilton has AL Player of the Month in June.

The rest of my packs were pretty much as expected.  I ended up with three gold foil parallels (I find these really hard to pick out):  Julian Tavarez, Tadahito Iguchi and Luis Vizcaino.  One gold parallel /2008:  Ruben Gotay.  Two first couple inserts (the first two, oddly enough):  George & Martha, John & Abigail.  I snagged an Orlando Cepeda Ring of Honor as well.  A Carlos Zambrano Year in Review (Cubs & Red Sox Clinch!!), as well as two World Baseball Classic Preview cards:  Jason Varitek and Chase Utley.

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