ABC11 Report on ESPN Homecoming Filming

The ABC11 Sports blog has a story about the highs and lows of an atypical Thursday in North Carolina. The low? UNC’s Tyler Hansbrough is out indefinitely with a stress injury to his shin. Too bad – Hansbrough is a fun kid to watch play basketball. Definitely guts out on every play – he could be a hockey player. 🙂

The high? ESPN filming Hamilton’s return to Athens Drive High School. The ABC entry explains quite a bit more than I previously knew about the premise of the show. It basically follows an athlete through their life, with the help of the people who were there along the way. Seems like a great idea, and I think there are a lot of compelling stories out there beyond Hamilton.

Anyone who has read reviews or read Hamilton’s book, Beyond Belief, has heard the story about how Hamilton pawned his Rookie League Championship ring to buy more crack. That’s low. The producers of the show somehow tracked it down, repurchased it and presented it to him during the taping of the show. Its a good thing I’ll know that is coming when I watch the show, maybe it will keep me from getting a little teary-eyed.

For another review, check the comments section of my previous post on the show, for a note from a reader who was lucky enough to snag a ticket to the taping.


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