Lee Edges Out Hamilton

Cliff Lee beat out Josh Hamilton and Troy Percival in the voting for the American League Comeback Player of the Year for 2008. It was a great year for comebacks all around. These guys didn’t just scrape their way back to the majors, they came back and dominated. Lee is likely to win the Cy Young, and has already been dubbed Top Pitcher by his fellow MLB Players. Hamilton was named the AL’s Outstanding Player, while powering his way to a .304 average and 32 home runs. He also knocked 35 out of the park during his Home Run Derby performance at the 2008 All Star Game. Percival bounced back from a save-less 2007 season, and a pitching-less 2006 season to chalk up 28 saves for the newly dominant Tampa Bay Rays.

Congratulations to Cliff Lee, there was really no bad choice for this award. Winner’s of the MLB Player’s Choice Awards recommend a charity of their choice to receive a grant from Player’s Trust. Its nice to see these great players will have a chance to help out even more people who need it.


One Response to Lee Edges Out Hamilton

  1. Tribecards says:

    I really thought Hamilton had this… Like you said, there was no bad choice, but Hamilton was awesome this year.

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