“…a heck of an outfield..”

A few more great quotes from Josh on the Rays having such a successful season were gleaned from a Canadian Press wire story.

“That would’ve been a heck of an outfield. Carl, Rocco and me, running balls down, throwing guys out, hitting home runs.”  I guess Josh sees himself in the BJ Upton role, which I guess is a good fit.  No love for former Blue Jay Gabe Gross though.  Three of the four in the outfield, and one as a DH would be very potent indeed.  I know the Rays are doing just fine without him, but I have a terminal attraction for very bad teams (I’m a Toronto Maple Leafs fan), so please allow me my dreams.

“I’d go up to them and tell them how happy I was for them.  I told them to go all the way, get it done. And they might do it.”  On his conversations with some Rays throughout the season.  Hamilton progressed through the Rays minor league system with Carl Crawford, until he was suspended for drug use.

There’s also a note in the article about why Hamilton hasn’t had his tattoos, which are a constant visual reminder of his past removed.  He gave it a shot, but “Imagine how it hurts going on and times it by about 10 coming off.”


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