Possibly Related Posts

I have had a bit of free time lately, and I’ve been checking out the automatically generated “Possibly related posts” that WordPress provides at the end of most blog entries.  Sometimes, I have no idea how they could even be remotely generated, sometimes they link to my own posts (inevitably, this means I will get excited because someone thinks just like me, and then disappointed when I hover over the hyperlink and see my own address), sometimes they are for the actor Josh Hamilton, and sometimes (the really good times), Word Press digs up a gem.  Often its an old gem that I overlooked, but better late than never.

This one is from the All-Star break, when seemingly everyone had something to say about Josh Hamilton.  His Home Run Derby performance was epic.  His revelation that he had dreamed about it happening this was just added another layer to the story he’s been writing all season.  What I found today was a post called “Why Kids Love Josh Hamilton” at a Red Sox themed blog called “Crawdaddy Cove.”  Great name for a post, and great name for a blog.  Check out the post for yourself, because the authour tells his son’s story in a way I would just not be able to convey.  I can agree with sitting watching the Home Run Derby, awestruck at what I was seeing, and trying to get in touch with some friends to make them turn on their TVs.

2 Responses to Possibly Related Posts

  1. tribecards says:

    LOL, man, nothing like seeing your own URL to keep that ego in check, eh? 🙂

  2. Yeah, definitely. Its useful to everyone else, but its just so crushing when it happens to me. 🙂

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